Colorite Compounds – A Global Manufacturer of Polymers for the Medical Industry

For over 50 years, Colorite Compounds has been a leading producer of the finest quality polymers for medical and industrial use. We are recognized worldwide for consistently meeting or surpassing exacting governmental and industry standards.

We offer a full line of PVC compounds for medical and general purpose applications as well as cost-effective replacements for other materials. We constantly work with our customers to develop new compounds that can meet specific needs, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Colorite Compounds services the global market with manufacturing locations on 3 continents, USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We produce and sell materials used by some of the largest healthcare and medical device manufacturers in the world.

Colorite Compounds is part of Tekni-Plex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative packaging and tubing solutions for the world’s leading products.  

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